Classic Reviews

VINCENT FICCHI             03/14/15 12:00 AM                            

KATHRYN JONES            03/13/15 02:34 PM                          

Pernaci's never lets us down. Excellent customer care, quality work, dependable service with reasonable rates. 

ROBERT MARCHISELLO   03/07/15 06:05 AM                         

CHRISTOPHER PILI        03/06/15 10:17 AM                         

JOSEPH GOLDSCHMIDT              03/06/15 10:14 AM                         

BOB HOWELL   02/27/15 09:49 PM                          

MICHAEL ROTONDO       02/27/15 03:10 PM                          

Always great work and friendly service  

JOHN SHAY         02/24/15 06:53 AM                         

Always excellent service.           

GREGORY KEENAN           02/24/15 06:38 AM                         

I've been using Pernaci's for years. Excellent quality, reasonable rates and they stand behind their work.               

ROBERT MARCHISELLO  02/23/15 12:32 PM                          

Always do a good honest job    

BRYAN BUTLER  02/13/15 06:49 PM                          

LEONARD FORTUNA       02/09/15 04:52 PM                          

Customer for over 20 years!      

DONATO DIBARTOLOMEO           02/09/15 09:05 AM                         

Always appreciate the quality workmanship and excellent customer service.   

DONATO DIBARTOLOMEO                02/01/15 11:06 AM                         

As always friendly and great service.    

CATHERINE MCLAUGHLIN             01/31/15 06:21 PM                          

Always the best.  Trust you completely.              

BRYAN BUTLER  01/30/15 11:42 AM                         

ERIC AND AIMEE RUBIN 01/30/15 10:59 AM                         

RICHARD MULLEN            01/22/15 04:07 PM                          

Three times this year I have been there for repairs and inspection. I was recommended by a friend and have been very pleased with the work performed and how fast it is done. Hopefully my truck will not be back any time soon but my wife needs inspection i...           

MICHAEL BIANCO            01/21/15 06:07 AM                         

MIKE HOUSTON                01/17/15 07:34 PM                          

WILLIAM MELL   01/05/15 12:21 PM                          

Professional, quality, efficient service as always             

GREGORY KEENAN           01/02/15 07:57 PM     

Great service as usual. No BS and get the car safely back on the road.

Reviewed by Stephen S, 2014

Always the best Automobile service. The best!

Reviewed by Bob H., 2014

Always pleased at the service on our 5 vehicles as well as the honest way we are treated at Pernacis. Dom, Chris and Scott are always accommodating and I always feel very confident that our cars are well taken care of and are safe. I feel lucky to have found a place I can trust.

Reviewed by Jill B., 2014

Dom fixed my wipers right away and I didn't have to wait long. The price was reasonable also.
Thanks again Dom Anne

Reviewed by Mary Ann D., 2014

I have been bringing my cars to Pernaci's for over 15 years. The service is always excellent, I always receive a full explanation of what is needed and why, the staff is friendly and I have recommended this business to several people over the years.

Reviewed by Marie C., 2014

A fantastic experience!

Reviewed by Michael G., 2014

Excellent service. Knowledgeable and friendly, willing to work with you at your convenience. Quotes are accurate and there are no hidden charges. Prices are in line with the parts and labor provided. Won't take our cars anywhere else.

Reviewed by Dennis T., 2014

The service there was very good. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about their automotive business. Also, the work done on my car was completed thoroughly and done on time.

Reviewed by Rocco R., 2014

Quick friendly services. Best in town!!

Reviewed by Christina P., 2014


STEPHEN SENSS                12/20/14 01:09 PM                          

WILLAM MELL    12/20/14 05:52 AM                         

As always, service with a smile!  And consideration for the needs of the customer.       

ELIZABETH MCKEONE                12/13/14 06:52 PM                          

The only problem is Dom drinks my wine and never gives me my bottles back

LEONARD FORTUNA       12/12/14 04:45 PM                             

KATHRYN JONES               12/12/14 02:43 PM                          

BOB HOWELL     12/05/14 09:36 PM                          

JOHN SHAY         12/02/14 06:46 AM                         

STEPHEN SENSS                11/14/14 09:21 AM                         

VINCENT FICCHI               11/14/14 08:50 AM                         

NOEL MARTINEZ               11/09/14 07:46 PM                          

MICHAEL ROTONDO       10/17/14 03:41 PM                          

They are always happy to see me and I am glad they are there 

STEPHEN SENSS                10/04/14 08:03 AM                         

VINCENT FICCHI               10/03/14 11:55 AM                         

thanks for your always great service!!! 

NICHOLAS FINELLI JR.     09/27/14 08:07 AM                         

DON DISCIASCIO              09/27/14 06:06 AM                         

KATHRYN JONES               09/27/14 05:04 AM                         

Workers and owner at this establishment are very courteous and knowledgeable about troubleshooting problems on ones car. I feel very comfortable with them working on my cars.  

ROCCO RINALDI                09/19/14 04:49 PM                               

VINCENT FICCHI               09/19/14 10:51 AM                         

Good Work        

GREGORY KEENAN           09/14/14 06:03 PM                          

I always find Dom and his company to be friendly, timely and thorough. His repair station is clean, and the service is fast without being sloppy. Time estimates are always accurate and he is always advising me of any needs or changes during the repair.

PRISILLA KRARUP             09/13/14 08:46 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    09/13/14 08:42 AM                         


As always, Dominic & Chris provide great service and realistic advice.  

STEPHEN SENSS                09/03/14 08:46 AM                               


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     09/02/14 04:45 PM                          


EDWARD MYERS               08/30/14 05:54 PM                          


Another excellent by Dominic and Chris!           

DIANE LICORDARE           08/29/14 04:40 PM                          

HEATHER AVAZIER           08/22/14 05:10 PM                          


MICHAEL BIANCO            08/19/14 10:58 AM                         


RICHARD DANLEY             08/18/14 06:42 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             08/18/14 06:42 PM                          


MARIE CALDWELL            08/16/14 06:32 AM                         


JOHN KASPER    08/10/14 02:32 PM                                                 


Great job as usual           

JOHN SHAY         08/03/14 07:53 AM                         


This is a great place to get your car fix family owend a real great mom & pop feel . Very fair prices , quality work , go there you will see    

EDWARD MYERS               08/02/14 06:01 AM                         


DON DISCIASCIO              08/02/14 05:54 AM                         


As always, Pernacci's Auto Service provides great service at reasonable prices.  I drive 12 miles one way to have them service my cars due to their professionalism and honesty.             

MICHAEL BIANCO            08/02/14 04:32 AM                         


Always appreciate the excellent service we get at Pro Edge!     

DONATO DIBARTOLOMEO           07/14/14 05:01 AM                               


wonderful service all around!  

ERIC AND AIMEE RUBIN 07/11/14 06:58 PM                          


Good on time professional service.       

GREGORY KEENAN           06/27/14 06:35 PM                          


REGINA PILI        06/20/14 03:50 PM                          


As always the service was a great and Chris was his friendly and looking for my best interest. 

CATHERINE MCLAUGHLIN     06/20/14 03:08 PM                          


MICHAEL PLACIDO           06/20/14 01:23 PM                          


Consistently excellent service. Thank you!        

DONATO DIBARTOLOMEO           06/19/14 02:30 PM                          


PRISILLA KRARUP             06/13/14 08:06 PM                          


Always correctly diagnosed. Always on time. Always fairly priced.         

GREGORY KEENAN           05/27/14 07:58 PM                               


My son-in-law even said I have a good machanic cuz the price was what he would expect!!       

ELIZABETH MCKEONE           05/26/14 05:00 PM                          


GARY DONALDSON         05/23/14 05:27 PM                          


Excellent service from start to finish!   

ERIC AND AIMEE RUBIN 05/19/14 02:24 PM                          


BRYAN BUTLER  04/28/14 05:30 AM                         


ROCCO RINALDI                04/25/14 04:58 PM                          


STEPHEN SENSS                04/25/14 12:58 PM                          


BARBARA JONER              04/18/14 01:14 PM                          


Another great job as usual!  Thanks, Dominic!  

DIANE LICORDARE           04/13/14 08:15 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    04/12/14 08:35 PM                          


KATHRYN JONES               04/11/14 05:28 PM                          


I always recommend Pernaci's..I wouldn't take my car anywhere else! I trust them and they have always taken care of my car completely. They aren't like other places that don't care about their customers, the Pernaci's care and are welcoming which is so c...          

DEVIN KARSTETTER         04/11/14 10:53 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               04/11/14 10:45 AM                         


Always have an exceptional service experience at Pernaci's auto service. All work is done profesionally and by the time stated when the vehicle is droped off.              

GREGORY KEENAN           03/28/14 01:31 PM                          


You did great.  We really appreciated your prompt service for us. Thanks            

RONALD SCHAAR             03/26/14 06:40 AM                            


Dominic has always provided honest and professional service.  This time was no different.      

EDWARD RODRIGUEZ        03/23/14 05:32 PM                          


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     03/21/14 04:31 PM                          


Had an issue that I thought only BMW dealer could handle it. Pernaci team proved us wrong and fixed it.               

SHEENA NEILL    03/21/14 12:45 PM                          


JOSEPH GOLDSCHMIDT  03/21/14 08:43 AM                         


Excellent service and quality work.        

GREGORY KEENAN           03/15/14 12:43 PM                          


Always appreciate the excellent customer I receive from Dom and the entire crew at Pernaci's Auto Service.               

DONATO DIBARTOLOMEO           03/06/14 09:38 AM                         


Great folks to work with.            

JOHN SHAY         03/02/14 08:21 AM                         


EDWARD MYERS               03/01/14 11:59 AM                         


BRYAN BUTLER  02/28/14 11:18 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               02/28/14 08:49 AM                         


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     02/14/14 04:42 PM                          


WILLAM MELL    02/11/14 12:19 PM                          


WILLIAM MEDROW         02/11/14 04:59 AM                         


MICHAEL GORMAN         02/10/14 07:51 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             02/09/14 05:16 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             02/09/14 05:16 PM                          


STEPHEN BEECHER           02/09/14 05:15 AM                         


JOHN COTTON  02/08/14 01:48 PM                                          


BRYAN BUTLER  02/08/14 12:03 PM                          


JOHN BRENNAN               02/08/14 11:21 AM                         


Always do great work   

JOHN SHAY         02/08/14 10:32 AM                         


Alway's get excellent service and this time was no different.   

GREGORY KEENAN           02/08/14 08:12 AM                         


BOB HOWELL     02/08/14 07:44 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               02/08/14 07:06 AM                         


Keep up the great work.              

ROSE MARIE SARAULLO 02/08/14 05:13 AM                         


PATRICIA MADONNA    02/07/14 08:31 PM                          


MICHAEL ROTONDO      02/07/14 03:52 PM                          


BARBARA JONER              02/07/14 03:09 PM                          


ANDRE FORNEY                02/07/14 02:34 PM                          


MICHAEL PLACIDO           02/07/14 02:15 PM                          


I have recommended Professional Edge to any one that is looking for an honest, fair, prompt, clean auto service center. Dom and his son Chris are always friendly, they know my car and and give accurate assessments of my vehicle. The garage is immaculate ...      

PRISILLA KRARUP             10/19/13 05:29 AM                         


RICHARD DANLEY             10/18/13 05:39 PM                          


BOB HOWELL     10/11/13 10:27 AM                         


ROBERT HUMBLE              10/06/13 11:32 AM                         


THOMAS GOLDSMITH JR               10/04/13 12:18 PM                          


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     09/27/13 04:41 PM                          


JOHN COTTON  09/27/13 03:09 PM                          


HEATHER AVAZIER           09/27/13 12:53 PM                          


always the best and even better!           

BOB HOWELL     09/27/13 11:58 AM                         


Dom and Chris are the best at what they do. They know thier business and honest respectable people               

LEONARD FORTUNA       08/30/13 05:55 PM                          


KEVIN & KAREN COYLE  08/30/13 02:13 PM                          


good and honest mechanics      

BARBARA JONER              08/30/13 10:46 AM                         


JOSEPH GOLDSCHMIDT  08/30/13 09:28 AM                         


Still waiting for martini bar. Love coming to ur shop service is always good. Very accommodating for appointments.

KATHRYN JONES               08/09/13 05:45 PM                          


VINCENT FICCHI               08/05/13 09:04 AM                         


JOHN KASPER    07/31/13 04:03 AM                         


STEPHEN SENSS                07/28/13 08:49 AM                         


Always a pleasure doing business with you.  I am confident that my car is in good hands with Dominic and Chris!                DIANE LICORDARE          

07/26/13 08:35 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY            

07/26/13 02:13 PM                          



07/26/13 01:13 PM                          


Always honest and reliable.  Looks out for the client.   

STEPHEN SENSS                07/07/13 05:42 PM                          


PATRICIA MADONNA     07/05/13 08:16 PM                          


Always gives excellent service. I have been a customer for 25 years!    

JOHN BRENNAN               06/28/13 02:46 PM                               


PAUL FAGGIOLA               06/28/13 11:24 AM                         


DON DISCIASCIO              06/23/13 01:43 PM                          


LOUIS CIARLANTE            06/23/13 11:34 AM                         


Pro Edge is the best, most knowlegeable service I've ever used. Also very customer/schedule oriented. Fortunate to have found them and I've been owning cars for over 40 years (hate to say that) Pro edge has been taking care of my last 6 cars for the las...          

BOB HOWELL     06/21/13 03:26 PM                          


BRYAN BUTLER  06/15/13 04:58 AM                         


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     06/14/13 04:49 PM                          


VINCENT FICCHI               05/31/13 12:22 PM                          


DON DISCIASCIO              05/25/13 09:01 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               05/25/13 07:28 AM                         


Professional people that offer excellent and friendly service.   BRUCE HARRINGTON      05/25/13 04:01 AM                         


KELLIE ALLEY       05/24/13 12:28 PM                          


good and honest mechanics are hard to find     

BARBARA JONER              05/24/13 11:44 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               05/10/13 09:39 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               05/04/13 05:44 AM                         


MARGARET STACY           04/12/13 05:13 PM                          


NOEL MARTINEZ               04/08/13 06:02 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               03/29/13 02:51 PM                          


GARY DONALDSON         03/16/13 08:29 AM                         


JOHN SHAY         03/02/13 09:52 AM                         


NOEL MARTINEZ               02/18/13 06:15 AM                         


As Always!! ;o)

WILLAM MELL    02/15/13 10:12 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI              02/15/13 08:05 AM                         


MARGARET STACY          02/08/13 03:47 PM                          


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     01/26/13 04:36 PM                          


BARBARA JONER              01/25/13 11:30 AM                         


JOSEPH GOLDSCHMIDT  01/25/13 10:58 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               01/25/13 08:56 AM                         


NOEL MARTINEZ               01/16/13 04:51 AM                         


Wouldn't take my car anywhere else!   

DEVIN KARSTETTER         01/15/13 11:20 AM                         


RICHARD DANLEY             01/04/13 02:28 PM                          


VINCENT FICCHI               01/04/13 06:51 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    11/24/12 06:40 PM                          


JOSEPH TROIANO            11/17/12 08:20 PM                          


WILLAM MELL    11/17/12 06:31 AM                         


BRYAN BUTLER  11/16/12 07:22 PM                          


I think I am choosing Excellent here, but cannot really tell from the page. I do think your the best!        

WILLAM MELL      11/07/12 12:25 PM                          


You Rock             

WILLAM MELL    11/06/12 01:11 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             11/02/12 12:29 PM                          


VINCENT FICCHI               10/26/12 01:59 PM                          


MARIE CALDWELL            10/16/12 06:14 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    10/12/12 10:24 AM                         


PATRICIA MADONNA     10/11/12 06:27 PM                          


Excellent job, as usual!!              

ELIZABETH MCKEONE     10/02/12 04:23 PM                          


MICHAEL HOUSTON        09/28/12 07:27 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             08/17/12 02:46 PM                          


GARY DONALDSON         07/30/12 04:38 AM                         


Excellent as usual!         

MARGARET STACY           07/20/12 01:29 PM                          


BRYAN BUTLER  07/02/12 06:50 PM                          


JOHN SHAY         06/30/12 10:40 AM                         


ELIZABETH MCKEONE     06/17/12 04:44 PM                          


GAIL FRAIM        06/10/12 05:04 PM                          


STEPHEN LOCKHARD      06/01/12 05:07 PM                          


Gives me an honest assessment every time! Thanks!    

DOROTHY ANDRASSY     05/25/12 09:49 AM                         


GAIL FRAIM        04/27/12 04:23 PM                          


MICHAEL PLACIDO           04/27/12 08:39 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               04/27/12 07:57 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    04/21/12 11:26 AM                         


MICHAEL HOUSTON        04/20/12 04:53 PM                          


GAIL FRAIM        04/13/12 09:58 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    04/02/12 02:59 PM                          


GAIL FRAIM        03/30/12 05:09 PM                          


Dominic and Chris are always friendly & considerate, trying to help us with our cars in any way they can.  Our cars receive excellent servicing..     

JOHN KASPER    03/24/12 05:58 AM                         


Wonderful,as usual       

MARGARET STACY           03/17/12 04:44 AM                         


LOUIS TOMASETTI            03/11/12 09:05 AM                         


I wouldn't take my car any place else!! And I did recommend you to a friend!   

ELIZABETH MCKEONE     03/09/12 04:36 PM                             


TAMARA MILANI              03/05/12 05:17 PM                          


WILLAM MELL    03/05/12 12:12 PM                          


Always the Best!             

PETER PLACIDO 03/05/12 11:59 AM                         


JOHN SHAY         02/25/12 06:43 AM                         


PATRICIA MADONNA     02/24/12 07:48 PM                          


professional, courteous....these guys love cars and take pride in their work. My extended family all bring their cars here..          

BOB HOWELL     02/17/12 08:58 PM                          


JOSEPH GOLDSCHMIDT  02/17/12 12:33 PM                          


great friendly reliable service  

DON DISCIASCIO              02/04/12 06:14 AM                         


Yer the BESTEST in every way!!!               

WILLAM MELL    02/04/12 05:25 AM                         


GAIL FRAIM        02/03/12 06:05 PM                          


RICHARD DANLEY             01/03/12 01:15 PM                          


The best auto mechanics I have ever done business with!          

DOROTHY ANDRASSY     01/03/12 12:44 PM                          


we have and we will! Thank you for always being there for us and treating us like your favorite relatives! ;o)               

WILLAM MELL    11/26/11 08:38 PM                          


BRYAN BUTLER  11/25/11 07:23 PM                          


JOHN SHAY         11/18/11 09:15 AM                         


VINCENT FICCHI               10/21/11 11:54 AM                         


I always have outstanding service every time i take my car there.           

MARYANN NABAL           10/07/11 06:35 PM                               


DAVID ECKENRODE         09/26/11 05:32 AM                         


CHRISTOPHER DEWITT   09/25/11 07:14 PM                          


PAMELA WIDGER             09/20/11 09:23 AM                         


JENNIFER DALESSANDRO             09/02/11 03:10 PM                          


Even though I called at the last minute, and needed my car early the next day, you found time to order a tire for me and replace it, all within a couple of hours. ThAnks so much!            

HELEN CIGLAR   08/27/11 05:36 PM                          


BRYAN BUTLER  08/20/11 12:21 PM                          


Fast fair and convenient you guys are great!!    

CATHARINE ROWAN       08/15/11 01:56 PM                          


CHRISTOPHER PILI           08/02/11 04:57 PM                          


Love the guys there, always going above and beyond to help someone like me who sometimes is financially strapped.  Will definitely continue to be a customer. Thanks guys!!!     

GAIL FRAIM        07/28/11 06:09 AM                         


Myself and my family have been taking our cars to Professional Edge Service Center for over 10 years now. The service is fantastic and the quality of work is second to none. Dom and Chris are very knowledgeable and are always willing to answer any questi... 

BRIAN PLACIDO                07/26/11 07:10 AM                         


TRACY KOSMAN               07/25/11 05:35 AM                         


STEVEN HENEGHAN        07/24/11 08:09 AM                         


PETER PLACIDO 07/23/11 09:25 AM                         


Great service, clean efficient and friendly.         

JOHN SHAY         07/23/11 09:21 AM                         


The service and quality are fantastic at Proffesional Edge Service Center. I have been dealing with Dom and Chris for years and have been more then satisfied with the work I would recommend them to anyone lookin for top notch work at  affordable prices.     

PAUL COZZI        07/23/11 08:23 AM                         


WILLAM MELL    07/23/11 07:59 AM                         


MICHAEL PLACIDO           07/23/11 06:12 AM                         


I appreciate the full explanation of problems, accurate estimates before the work is done, and the itemized billing afterwards. All around I'm very comfortable with Dominic and his crew as our mechanic(s).        

MATTHEW BERNACKI           07/22/11 10:09 PM                          


These guys are the best!  Dominic and Chris always take such great car of my car.  Service is always quick.  They don't try to talk you into getting things done to your car that you don't really need.  I will always bring my car into Professional Edge Se...

DIANE LICORDARE           07/22/11 07:28 PM                          


The service is the best and the staff is knowledgeable,  courteous, helpful and prompt.  In other words they are good mechanics and people.    

ELIZABETH MCKEONE     07/22/11 04:46 PM                          


CHRISTINE HACKMAN    07/22/11 04:44 PM                          


Love them!        

DOROTHY ANDRASSY     07/22/11 04:14 PM                          


MICHAEL ROTONDO       07/22/11 12:00 AM                    

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